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Need New Windows? Get Vinyl

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to upgrade the appearance of your home without sinking money into an expensive remodel, one of the best ways to do it is with home window replacement. If you’ve never thought about your windows before, now is the best time to think about changing them…

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The Best Laid Plans

Space Planning Your Home How is your home’s functionality and flow? Do your guests have to shout across the room or readjust seating to engage in conversation? Do your dining chairs pull away from the table with enough space to get in and out? Does your home feel more like a maze or an obstacle-course?  …

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What’s So Great About Vinyl?

When it is time for window replacement, you want to know you are using a window that will provide a great return on investment. Honestly, it is not cheap to redo all the windows in your home, but the right materials can help ensure that your money is well spent. Vinyl is a great material…

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The Fall Home Spirit

Inexpensive ways to tap into the spirit of fall. Fall signifies new beginnings. It’s falling leaves symbolizes the shedding away of old things to make way for new life in the spring. Likewise, our homes are shock full of old items and décor that can finally be shared with others, or changed into something new…

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Selecting New Patio Doors

The backyard of your home is an extension of your house. It is a place to gather with family and friends and can extend your living space. It should be an inviting place to be and somewhere that people want to gather. One way to display this space is through beautiful patio doors that allow…

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