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Custom Window Company in Beverly Hills: The Clear Choice to Make Stupendous Windows and Doors 

California Deluxe Windows is one of the few companies that produce high-quality energy-efficient windows and doors. Our custom window company in Beverly Hills will provide you with tight impact-resistant vinyl windows in a variety of styles and performances. The windows you will receive are engineered and tested to exceed stringent regulations. 

Jaw-Dropping Windows by Custom Window Company in Beverly Hills

Single Hung Windows 

They are common in Beverly Hills. These windows can be opened and closed by sliding the bottom sash up and down. The top sash prohibits airflow but allows natural light in.

Double Hung Windows 

The top and bottom sash can be moved. Perfect for the second story of your building. The sashes just tilt inward to safely clean the glass. 

Casement Windows 

Rotate the handle to open the sash outward. You can fully open them like a door making them a perfect choice if you want maximum ventilation. 

Picture Windows 

They don’t open. That’s why they are energy-efficient and let daylight enter. Combine them with other styles of windows to maximize your view. 

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Manufacturing the Highest Quality Windows and Doors 

We are California Deluxe Windows. Our company prides itself in manufacturing and producing high-quality window and door products for residential and commercial use. We manufacture our windows in a state-of-the-art facility to help us achieve superior levels of impact resistance, safety, and security.

Using the latest in engineering and technology, our company produces vinyl windows that don’t compromise on quality. Recognizing the increasing demand for energy-efficient windows in Beverly Hills, CD Windows was one of the first to manufacture Energy Star-rating window products. We continue to make various impact-resistant, energy-efficient products for every performance that you need. 

What You Can Get from CD Windows? 

Maintenance-Free Windows 

Our vinyl windows are maintenance-free, so you don’t have to be a slave of your home. You don’t need to paint or replace its glazing. You can install them anywhere and won’t sweep. 

Engineered and Tested 

CDW recognizes that the security of your home is the most vital. We manufacture our windows using high-grade materials and utilize state-of-the-art tool to pass the requirements of the American Society for Testing. By passing the test, we can guarantee you will only get the best window security possible. 

Reduce Outside Noise

Any unwanted noise can disrupt your house. You can control the interior noise but not the outside noise. But you can now by lowering the noise from our windows. Each window product we offer here comes with a noise reduction feature to significantly lower the outside noise. 

To find out more about what our custom windows look like, check out our video gallery here. Or read the testimonials from our satisfied customers here. 

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