Are Casement Home Windows Great at Keeping Out Drafts?

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Casement home windows are a popular type of window. One side remains stationary while the other side opens like a door. It’s a common home window. But its popularity is second to double-hung windows.

Can Casement Home Windows Keep Out Drafts?

Yes, they are a great option when keeping out drafts. They are better than double-hung windows. The reason for this is that they have a tight seal that prevents drafts. What are the other benefits of choosing this type of window? Here are some of the pros of casement windows.

  • Greater Capabilities. They provide remarkable ventilation capabilities. You can open them to bring cool external air into your home if it’s a hot summer day. That’s why it’s a superior choice if you want to feature a window that offers greater ventilation.
  • Less hardware to use. The only thing that separates your interior and the view outside is the glass. Casement windows have no sections that can obstruct the views. Thus, you are given the best viewing experience with this type of window.
  • Better security. Compared with other types of windows, the casement window is more secure. Its hardware is concealed so it makes it harder to tamper with. And if you choose CD Windows to make your casement home windows, you are guaranteed that thieves can’t break them.
  • Energy efficient. You can save money on your energy bills with this type of window. But for you to do so, the windows must have window filters that can lock in heat or cold, thereby, preventing it from getting through.
  • Various Glazing Options. It lets you choose any glass design for the frames. You can opt for stained glass or beveled designs. To ensure that you’ll not be left out in the cold, you can choose double or triple glazing.

What are the Cons of Casement Windows?

Although casement windows are a perfect option for your home, they are not without drawbacks. One of them is that they can be easily broken off when there are strong winds. But CD Windows can make them weather-resistant. How? Schedule your consultation with us.

Another bad thing about this type of window is that the cracking mechanism is subject to wear. It can fail. Thankfully, this can be alleviated by ensuring the use of high-quality materials. Talk to our experts today to know more about how to prevent quick wear.

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Maintenance-Free Home Windows

If you want windows that are maintenance-free, then make sure to consult with our experts. CD Windows offer vinyl windows that come with virtually no maintenance. They won’t swell if they are exposed to moisture. They also work well if it rains or it is dry. Vinyl windows are also resistant to termites and other wood-eating insects.

To know more about how to obtain maintenance-free casement home windows, make sure to contact our team here at (866) 460-5444

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