Are Sliding Doors Safe?

Sliding glass doors

Sliding glass doors are safe and a great way to optimize your living space and bring the great outdoors into your home. To understand how the sliding doors have evolved over time, it helps to review its history – a history that is as interesting as it is important to the field of architectural design.

When the Sliding Glass Doors First Came Onto the Scene

Since the Second World War, sliding doors have been a popular and trendy type of door. They first found fame in Japan where they became a traditional and distinctive entry. point. 

In Japan, the door is known as a shoji – an architectural door, room or window divider that is made of translucent or transparent materials installed on a lattice frame. 

The shoji screen increases the privacy of people and often is made with paper. When glass is used, it illuminates a room, given its reflective properties. Therefore, glass, when installed in a shoji divider, makes an ideal window or door.

Post Second World War Developments

During World War II, glass door manufacturing led to the development of the sliding door. In fact, this led to the door becoming one of the most popular doors worldwide. The stable material of glass replaced flimsier parts, ensuring a longer service life. 

This led to the evolution of the improved and space-friendly sliding glass doors that are used in homes and businesses today.

After the Second World War, builders and architects wanted to create an entry that provided seamless access between houses and yards. The sliding doors, at that time, were trackless inventions that flourished in homes, condos, and hotels.

At the end of the 1900s, Japan glass manufacturers unveiled the use of plate glass sheets. By the 1950s, the UK developed floating glass technology. This technology made the manufacture of high-quality glass more affordable and frequent. 

The Current Use of Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding doors are regularly used in home designs as well as in buildings like schools, hotels, stores, and medical facilities. They are also employed for use in trains, subway cars, vans, and buses. As noted, sliding doors optimize space and they are also relatively simple to automate.

Why Sliding Doors are a Good Choice

Sliding doors are featured in several configurations with most doors used for patio entries.

Therefore, a sliding door can be used in one of several ways and customized for use in one to four panel designs.  Naturally, the more panels you use, the more expansive the view. The doors are ideal, as well, for extending your living space outside.

Tempered and laminated glass are used in doors with multiple point locking systems, thereby making these safety improvements a strong reason to purchase the installation. In addition, many doors are filled with gas and are made with an interlocking design so you can save on energy consumption over time. 

So, let’s look further in depth at sliding door upgrades and how some of these features contribute to better safety and use..

Improved Security

Contemporary sliding doors feature dependable locking mechanisms that are installed at several points on the door, making it difficult for intruders to enter your office or home. 

Better Glass Quality

Today’s sliding doors, as noted, are made with laminated or tempered glass. Therefore, if the glass is struck, it will not break into shards. I

Also, if you choose tinted glass, it offers an extra layer of protection. The glass is shatter-resistant to hail or any attempt at forced entry.

Improved Tracking Systems

The sliding door technology used today includes an improved tracking system – designed to prevent sticking or a derailment. Instead, once the installation is complete, you can enjoy a smooth operation.

Better Weatherproofing and Seals

Sliding doors come with weatherproofing that prevents drafts or the entry of moisture or pests. This added design protects your home against mold, infestations, and discomfort. It also saves on energy.

Child-Safety Locks

Locks on today’s sliding doors ensure that children cannot open the doors inside or outside of a house. This is especially helpful if your doors lead out to a pool area.

Auto Reverse

An automated door includes sensors that reverse the door’s direction if it detects an obstacle in its path. This prevents injuries or accidents.

Alarm Integration

You can integrate your sliding glass door with your home security system or smart home setup so you can monitor attempts at entry or breaches in security.

Higher Quality Materials

Because the materials are of a better quality, your door will remain safer and more reliable for a longer time.

Emergency Overrides

Some automated sliding doors are made with an emergency override that allows for manual operation in case of an unexpected disaster or power outage.

Sliding glass doors

Learn More About Modern Sliding Glass Door Technology Now

The sliding door technology used today has improved immeasurably. To learn more about installing this safe and space-saving sliding glass door, contact California Deluxe Windows for a home consultation today.

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