Can Replacement Windows in Palos Verdes Reduce What You Pay for Homewoner’s Insurance?

Replacement window Palos Verdes

You can save money on your homeowner’s insurance by installing replacement windows. Not only do the windows enhance the look of your home, they also lower energy use and may also cut what you pay in insurance. In fact, you may reap a discount, as you can prevent break-ins or weather-related damages by choosing one of different types of styles for replacement window in Palos Verdes.

Why Insurance Companies Offer Discounts for Replacement Window Upgrades

Insurance companies that sell homeowner’s coverage factor in the upgrades that increase the safety and security of a property. Therefore, your windows play an important role in this respect. Not only can windows protect your dwelling from storm damage, they can also safeguard your family from a forced entry and theft. By installing high-quality replacement windows of Palos Verdes, you can better ensure the safety of your residence. 

Types of Replacement Windows in Palos Verdes that Earn Homeowners a Discount

What you choose in a replacement window upgrade will give you an edge if you want to realize a reduction in what you pay in insurance for your home. Windows that are labeled as impact-resistant (referring to high winds) as well as double- or triple-pane windows increase safety and security. Below are five types of window upgrades that may possibly earn you a discount.

1. Impact-Resistant Windows Made to Withstand High Winds

An impact-resistant window is made to withstand a high wind, or the impact of striking debris during a windstorm such as a tornado or hurricane. The windows are made to minimize the risk of shattering glass during blustery conditions, some which may also occur during heavy rains, blizzards, and damaging weather fronts.

While you can define impact-resistance in terms of the type of glass (laminated) or a strong sturdy frame, an impact-resistant window generally refers to a window made to stand up to the strong winds of extreme squalls and battering downpours and windstorms.

2. Double-Pane and Triple-Pane Windows

As the name suggests, a double-pane or triple-pane window is made with two or three layers of glass, each of which is separated by vacuum-sealed pockets or gas-filled spaces. These divisions in the glass improve energy efficiency and insulation. They also make it more difficult for forced entries to occur.

3. Security Film and Tempered and Laminated Glass

In some instances, an insurance company may give you a discount if you add a security film to your existing windows. The film, which is made of a polyester material, enhances the window’s durability and safety.

The film provides privacy and reduces energy costs as well as strengthens the glass against impact. This makes it less likely that the glass will shatter or crack. Many windows are also designed with tempered or laminated glass, which also makes a window more secure.

4. Multiple WIndow Locking Systems

Windows with a multiple point locking system also may lower what you pay in insurance for your home. The more locking mechanisms or points in place, the more secure your real estate. These types of preventive measures can also be used to lower your policy rate.

5. Energy-Star Rated WIndows

Windows with the Energy-Star logo are known for their energy efficiency and high-quality construction. While they may not qualify directly for an insurance discount, they do contribute to your home’s overall condition and potential for hazards or risk. For example, if your furnace is working harder to heat your house, it can also mean that it will more easily break down or increase your fire risk.

Why Investing in Replacement Windows Pays Dividends

Again, it pays to invest in replacement windows, as they can prove to be instrumental in lowering your insurance rates. Before deciding on a replacement window upgrade, talk to your insurance company. Find out what windows you can buy that may lower your insurance premiums. 

Also, remember that replacement windows come with a weather-tight seal that will reduce your energy bills. Your house will stay cooler in the summer and will remain warmer in the winter. If you install windows in strategic areas of your home, you can also increase the natural light streaming into your house. That means you can lower your costs in what you pay to light your house during the day.

Make an Informed Decision

For further details, contact California Deluxe Windows to review your window options now. Knowledge is power. So make a more informed decision by reviewing your choices in a replacement window in Palos Verdes upgrade. 

Replacement window Palos Verdes


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