Clearly Built Glass House Inspiration

If you’ve ever considered what it would be like to live in a modern house made of glass, you might be surprised that this design is not new at all. Their beauty is sustainable throughout time, and can be quite inspiring.

Nature and Glass House Living

The Johnson house, located in New Canaan, Connecticut was built in 1949, and an
example of the early use of a more industrial look by using steel, as well as glass. Although it clearly doesn’t provide the privacy you’d want, or need in a home located in the heart of
the city, it can inspire the design of your country getaway home, if not for most of your home, certainly a segment of your home.

City Glass House Living

Another glass house located in Los Angeles, California was built in the late 1960’s, and dispels the notion that glass houses are relegated to the country. Good design can provide ample privacy allowing glass homes to be used even in an urban environment.  Incorporating touches of wood with modern materials such as glass, concrete and steel can provide a surprising rustic feel.

Traditional vs. Contemporary

If the modern style of an all-glass house leaves you feeling a bit cold rest assured you can always warm things up with traditional touches. For example, going with less glass walls and instead incorporating skylights with direct light right into the center of the wide floorplan.  Using traditional furnishings and accessories like antiques, large rugs, and vintage fixtures will also warm, as well as soften a predominately glass house.

Inspiration and Quality

Whatever the amount of glass that works for your taste and location, there are many varieties to choose from. CDW® vinyl windows feature attractive bevel faced frames. The neat miter cut corners on both the frame and
sash eliminate the overlapping corners found in most vinyl and metal windows. By choosing this style you’re sure to have less dirt and leakage which provide beauty, and long lasting, efficient quality.

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