Do You Need Special French Door Handles?

French Door Handles

It’s a tricky task to find the right French door handles. Installing door handles to these doors is also challenging because of their configuration. If it’s time for you to shop for the right handle, you would want to talk to an expert first.

Special French Door Handles 

French doors don’t necessarily need special handles. But they typically need customized handles. Before you shop for handles, make sure that you have consulted with a professional to help you find the right choice. Our CD Windows experts are ready to answer your questions regarding this matter.

What Handles to Consider?

It really depends on the type of French doors. You may choose to have handles on both sides. In some cases, French doors have handles on both sides but one of them won’t move because it’s purely decorative. The reason for this is that not all configurations require a handle on both sides. However, most homeowners in California prefer to have both the right and left handles that they can hold onto each time they open or close the door.

The Hardware of French Doors

How French door handles work depends on the configurations. The configurations will vary on the purpose of the doors. For instance, an interior French door can open without affecting the other side. Most closet doors have this type of configuration. To start the selection process of finding French door handles, you need to decide if you wish the doors to lock or not.

  • Not to lock. Fixed handles or turning handles are a better option.
  • To lock. If you wish the doors to lock, you need to choose between locking from the inside or either the inside or the outside.

If this is confusing to you, consult our experts today. Our French door experts are ready to assist and explain to you the handles appropriate for your doors. When you talk to our professionals, you will also realize that handles are not the only important things about them. Rather, you also need to consider the locks. Keep in mind that no matter how attractive French doors are, if you don’t secure them with the right locks, criminals can still gain entry to your house.

Thus, while shopping for door handles is important, you should not ignore finding the right security locks for these doors. You need locks that can increase the door’s security levels. Make sure that the lock doesn’t snap. If you hire CD Windows to make your French doors, our team will install the best locks.

French Door Handles

Determining the Best Handles and Locks

As mentioned, it’s quite challenging to shop for the best handles and locks for your French doors. Without the guidance of an expert, you could be buying a handle and a lock that’s purely decorative. If that’s not your purpose in installing locks or handles, make sure to consult with an expert.

Contact us today to enjoy our complimentary in-home estimate or consult with our experts about the right French door handles to use: (866) 460-5444.

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