Double Paned Vinyl Windows Muffle Outdoor Noise

vinyl windows

Double paned vinyl windows are your secret weapon against unwanted outdoor noise. The double-paned design can block out ambient sound more effectively. 

If you want the ultimate in sound relief, you might think of making an upgrade to a triple-pane vinyl window design.

However, if you want a quieter option but have less to spend, you can still choose a double-paned energy-efficient replacement window. This type of upgrade will keep things quieter inside as well as save you on your utilities.

A double-paned or triple-paned window insulates your home, which can save you as much as 30% on utility payments annually. So, you don’t want to overlook this type of home improvement. Switching out your windows will also increase the resale value of your home.

How Double Panes Work

With double panes, the air space in between the glass acts as an insulator. This makes it more difficult for sounds to get through the glass. As a result,  traffic noises, barking dogs, and other outside distractions will not penetrate your indoor environment. Those outside noises are no match for vinyl windows with double or triple panes. 

The more space between the panes, the less sound gets through the window. Wider gaps, usually a half inch or more, are very effective at reducing noise. Also, more panes mean more barriers for sound to pass through.

Look for windows specifically rated for noise reduction or soundproofing. Their construction is designed to maximize the noise-blocking effect. 

The Importance of the Space Between the Panes

The space between the two panes of glass in double-paned windows is an important detail. This gap, typically filled with an inert gas like argon, acts as an insulator to help block outside noise from entering your home. It also keeps cool or warm air from escaping outside.

When sound waves hit the outside pane of glass, most of the energy is reflected back outside. That means any sound that does pass through gets trapped in the gap between the panes.

It just bounces around until it loses most of its strength. By the time any remaining sound makes it to the inside pane of glass, it’s just too weak to vibrate the glass and create an unwanted noise inside your house.

Without this space, a window does not have the same impact when reducing energy or noise. In this case, you’ll need to obtain a thicker glass if you choose a single pane design.

By creating a sound barrier in the form of a sealed pocket of gas, double-paned windows can reduce outside noise by up to 95%! That means no more hearing your neighbors’ loud music, or kids playing outside. Peace and quiet at last! You can finally savor a nap, listen to your own music, or catch up on some reading.

The width of the gap also matters. Wider spaces, from 3/4 inch to 2 inches, are most effective at muffling sound. An agon filling further improves noise reduction since the gas is denser than air. This causes more molecules to appear – always good for silencing noise.

So when choosing new windows, look for double or triple-pane options with a fair-sized gap in between the panes, preferably filled with argon. Your ears will thank you for it and so will your family.

Choosing the Right Glass for Soundproofing

When selecting glass for soundproofing your windows, you also want to choose thicker, denser glass. The combination of the space between the panes and the thicker and denser glass will produce better soundproofing in your home.

The STC Rating

For maximum noise reduction, look for windows with triple-paned glass panes and a high Sound Transmission Class or STC rating. An STC rating of 35 or higher is ideal for blocking out most outside sounds. The higher the STC rating, the less outside noise.

Final Thoughts

The great thing about buying double-paned vinyl windows or triple-paned styles is that you’ll enjoy increased energy savings and less noise. These two great benefits will enhance your quality of life and add to your overall well-being over time. 

vinyl windows

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