Finding the Best French Door Locks for Security

French Door Locks

French doors are great. They are beautiful to look at. But are they secure? Can they protect you and your family from bad actors? The only way to ensure that French doors are secure is to install the right French door locks. They can act as a barrier to keeping you and your family safe while maintaining your privacy. 

Keeping You Safe with French Door Locks 

According to the National Crime Victimization Survey, “U.S. residents age 12 or older experienced an estimated 24.2 million violent and property victimizations.” Most of them feel unsafe when they’re at home alone. For your peace of mind, having the right door lock installed is vital. 

French Door Locks

Options for French Doors

Locks for French doors come in various shapes and sizes. Thus, you should consider revising all the benefits and drawbacks of every option. You must consult with an expert. But how should you decide? 


The lock has to be tamper-proof. And must be designed for French doors. Make sure to choose this type of lock when you have a French door on your patio. Remember that this area of your house is one of the prime targets for thieves. If you’re looking for something that could effectively ward off people who want to break into your property, then this type of lock is the solution. It can withstand any attempt to break into the house. It gives you and your family the protection that you deserve. 


It’s a type of lock that offers the best protection against any attempt at break-ins. This lock has a unique system that can resist physical attacks. You can’t open it with a hand tool or a knife. 

Customized Locks

If you have specific requirements for your door lock system, then you should opt for customized locks that can give you control. It’s probably one of the most secure door locks that can be personalized to meet your security needs. By customizing your key control, you can enhance your day-to-day management and security. 

What Options to Choose? 

There are plenty of options available when you look into the market. However, if you want a customized option, please contact California Deluxe Windows. Our company is the leader in quality and performance when it comes to manufacturing windows and doors. We manufacture high-quality vinyl custom windows, French doors, and many more. If you order the perfect French doors for your house, for instance, we can provide the most secure door locks that can go with the door. 

If you are not sure if we’re the best fit for your needs, we invite you to our state-of-the-art facility. You can watch as your preferred doors are crafted and know about the latest technology that lets us develop the best products for our customers. And if you have further questions about what French door locks best fit your door, contact us here at (800) 639-9463

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