Getting New Windows? 5 Mistakes To Look Out For

You’ve seen plenty of signs. You know replacements are in order. But mistakes can undermine all your hard work. Read on to know common window errors you shouldn’t make:

Choosing the same windows

The upside of having to get replacements is that you could go for new window designs. New ones often have better energy-saving properties. That’s excellent news for your bottom line in the long run. So make the effort. Shop around. Do your research. Compare rates and properties. That way, you can pick the best choice possible.

Believing the trim (along with the house wrap) offers enough insulation

It doesn’t. This Old House suggests putting sheets of metal flashing along with a lot of caulk on the perimeter of the opening. Sticky sheets of waterproof membranes can be handy too. With all those in place, you won’t have to worry that moisture and water are seeping in through your newly-installed windows.

Lack of regular inspection and maintenance

Your windows, along with the rest of the house, should be subject to regular inspection. That way, you know if rot is setting in. Even in new homes, rot is a common problem for windows. So don’t make the mistake of thinking your own windows won’t have to be inspected because they’re new.

Doing it yourself

Window installation is easy. But if you’re doing this for the first time and you haven’t got the proper tools, training or safety gear, it might be better to go with a pro. If you simply want to save up on the cost of hiring a contractor, then you might end up doing more of the work than you initially thought. A pro, on the other hand, will have the skills, tools as well as technical know-how to pull this off in a way that’s faster and much more efficient.

Ignoring life-cycle costs

While it’s wise and practical to pick windows that won’t cost a fortune, going for energy-saving ones might come quite close. However, if you factor in future cost-savings—and they’re certain to be massive—you’ll see how much better it is to simply go for the option that provides you with long-term gains.

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