How a Custom Window Company in Woodland Hills Can Help Your Energy Bills

custom window company in woodland hills

Does it feel like your energy bills keep increasing? Every month, does it feel like you’re paying more money to heat your home in the winter (and keep it cool in the summer?) Those are just some of the reasons that folks turn to our custom window company in Woodland Hills and the surrounding area. We can provide you with the kinds of windows that will help to lower your bills today as well as tomorrow. 

Wear and Tear = Weakened Windows 

If you sense chilly drafts infiltrating your home during winter or notice your air conditioning unit working overtime to combat the summer heat, chances are you’re paying more for energy than necessary. In fact, if your windows have weathered the years, the signs of wear and tear might be glaringly apparent. Are there visible cracks or gaps between the sash and frame? If you have wooden frames, is the wood showing signs of rot, softening, or cracking?

If any of these issues resonate with you, it’s high time to bid farewell to those outdated windows and usher in a new era of energy efficiency.

The Right Windows for the Job 

Unfortunately, these days, a solitary pane is no match for the elements or the toll it takes on your energy bills. Modern windows predominantly feature double panes, akin to an insulated jacket. The dual layers, coupled with the space between them, act as a barrier, trapping warm (or cool) air and employing advanced technology to thwart the conduction of extreme temperatures. 

These high-tech glass solutions can significantly reduce heat or cold infiltration while permitting ample natural light. We can provide you with windows that offer a lasting solution. 

Security and Style 

An added bonus of upgrading to energy-efficient windows is the enhancement of your home’s security. Double-pane windows, inherently more robust, are challenging to break and often come equipped with reinforced glass. Security and ventilation further fortify these modern windows against potential threats.

As you lose air, you’re losing money—a fact amplified by the reality that windows constitute about 20% of a home’s wall surface. Achieving the delicate equilibrium between natural lighting and energy efficiency is paramount. The sealing of your home is a crucial endeavor, and given the substantial surface area occupied by windows, they demand particular attention in this regard.

The Power of Vinyl 

Vinyl frames often incorporate UV stabilizers, safeguarding against sunlight-induced damage. These frames typically offer hollow cavities that can be insulated, enhancing their thermal conductivity. Many experts advocate for vinyl frames, touting their superior thermal qualities, low-maintenance attributes, and easy cleaning, striking a balance between efficiency and aesthetics.

custom window company in woodland hills

A Custom Window Company for Woodland Hills and Beyond 

You can persist with money-draining, poorly insulated relics of the past, or you can opt for a proactive approach to curbing heating and cooling costs. There’s no time like the present to swap out those inefficient windows for a new set that not only elevates your home’s aesthetics but also promises long-term savings on energy expenses.

Our experts can tailor custom window solutions to meet your needs. Imagine the transformation—out with the old, inefficient windows and in with the new, character-enhancing, money-saving counterparts. To see how we can help, reach out to us today for a free in-home consultation. 

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