How Bi-Fold Doors Maximize Your Living Space: Steps for Making the Upgrade

Bi-fold door

If you want to increase your living area, you can make it happen with a door that features a bi-fold construction. Not only is the style contemporary, the bi-fold  door also gives you an unobstructed and expansive view of the outdoors. 

Therefore, a bi-fold door is a welcoming installation which allows you to make the most of your living space. Let’s delve deeper into this popular design.

Enjoy Both Indoor and Outdoor Living

One of the main reasons a bifold door is appealing is that it creates a seamless link between indoor and outdoor living areas. Simply fold the door back and open up a kitchen or living room to the great outdoors. This type of transition enables you to entertain family and friends both inside and outside. Enjoy an al fresco meal or relax on your patio – expanding your living space.

Add to Your Living Area Easily and Affordably

A traditional swinging patio door can take up more space than you’d like, thereby making it difficult to arrange furniture or get around easily. However, bi-fold doors can fold in on themselves when you open them. So, you can increase your living space automatically. Not only does this give you more flexibility, it allows you to make the most of each square foot of space.

Let the Natural Light Stream into Your Home

Bi-fold doors boast large panels of glass, so you’ll receive plenty of natural sunlight into your home. Not only does this create an airy and bright environment, it also reduces any dependence on artificial lights. As a result, you can reduce what you spend on energy

Moreover, a bi-fold door installation expands like a concertina with the glass panels expanding or folding so you can look out on your landscape or garden without distraction. You can appreciate nature anytime inside your home.

Pay Less on Energy

As noted, installing bi-fold doors will also keep your utilities lower. Because the doors usually feature double or triple glazing as well as insulated frames, you’ll stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. You can enjoy the benefits of the doors without sacrificing indoor comfort.

Enhance Safety and Security

High-quality upgraded bifold door designs are made with advanced locks, giving you extra peace of mind with respect to safety and security.

Installing Bi-Fold Doors: The Basic Steps

Once you review the advantages of these space-saving doors, you’ll want to prepare for the installation process. Below is a quick overview about how to make the transition.

1. Plan the Placement and Take the Measurements

Your first consideration, when planning an installation, is where you want to locate the doors. Most people install them in an area of their house that opens, perhaps, to an outdoor grill or kitchen area. Measure the spot where you want to add the doors, figuring in an extra space required for framing and tracking.

2. Get the Material

Once you measure the installation space for the doors, you can choose your bi-fold system. The doors should fit snugly into the parameters set for the opening. Select a material, like liquid wood or reinforced vinyl – a material that aligns with your design plans – aesthetically and environmentally.

3. Prep the Installation Site

To prep the site where you plan to install the doors, remove any existing doors or obstacles. You may also want to prepare the surface of the floor at the site, making sure its level and cleaning away any debris.

4. Arrange for Installation

Next, you’ll arrange for installation – a process that involves 5 basic steps.

  1. Your installer will ensure that the assembled door frame features all the necessary hinges and tracks and that they’re properly placed. For instance, the top track of the door will be aligned and secured according to the manufacturing specs – leveled and properly fastened into place.
  2. Each of the bi-fold panels will come with corresponding hardware. Therefore, the installation involves attaching a swing arm or hinge, and connecting each panel accordingly. 
  3. The panels are positioned within the track and then attached to any required hardware. This step continues until each panel is fully placed and intact.
  4. Once the doors are installed, the installer will test the doors’ functionality, opening and closing the doors while checking for any problems with gliding or alignment. They’ll then make any adjustments to ensure the doors open and close smoothly. These adjustments might include loosening or tightening a screw or two, adjusting a hinge, or realigning a track.
  5. Once any adjustments are made, the remaining parts, such as floor guides or door stops are secured, gaps are filled, and the perimeter of the doors is sealed, if needed, with weather stripping or caulk. This improves air tightness and insulation.
Bi-fold door

Make the Upgrade Now – Learn More About Bi-fold Doors Online

If you want to invest in a worthwhile upgrade – an upgrade that will maximize your living space and increase your property’s value and use, it pays–literally–to learn more about bi-fold doors. Contact California Deluxe Windows for all the exciting details today.


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