How Custom Vinyl Windows in Palos Verdes Can Be an Energy-Efficient Solution to Your Home?

custom vinyl windows in palos verdes

Palos Verdes, California’s climate is characterized by wet winters and warm summers. The mild climate allows homeowners to choose a wider range of window options. But if you want a more energy-efficient solution, take a look at custom vinyl windows in Palos Verdes.

How Custom Vinyl Windows in Palos Verdes Can Become an Energy-Efficient Solution? 

The energy efficiency of vinyl windows depends on certain features and designs. Here are some of the features to consider. 

Double Panes 

As the term suggests, double-pane windows have two panes of glass. They are separated by a spacer that can reduce heat transfer and increase insulation. To make it more energy-efficient, CDW can provide you with triple-pane glass. The main goal of these triple panes is to improve the insulation properties of your windows. They can provide better energy efficiency and reduce heat transfer through the windows. Because of how they are designed, they are perfect in Palos Verdes. They can keep the indoor temperature stable while reducing energy usage. 

Low-E Coatings 

These are low-emissivity coatings to reduce the amount of radiant heat that passes through the window. Low-e coatings reflect long-wave infrared radiation to the source while allowing visible light to pass through the window. As a result, they reduce heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. You can choose to customize the levels of reflectivity according to the specific needs of your house. 

Frames of the Windows

The frames of custom vinyl windows can play a huge part in determining the energy efficiency of the windows. Some frames are made with foam insulation moulded into the frame while others are made with insulating materials added to the frames’ interior. At CDW, we add air seals around the perimeter of the frames to prevent air leaks. They can also reduce the amount of air exchange between the inside and outside of the building. It improves the energy efficiency of the windows while reducing heating and cooling costs. 

Why Choose California Deluxe Windows? 

There are various manufacturers of custom vinyl windows in California. However, if you want your investment to go further, then opt to consider the benefits of choosing CD Windows. One of the things that set us apart from other manufacturers is that we offer the best warranty in the industry. For instance, if you choose white and almond vinyl extrusions, you get to enjoy our full lifetime non-prorated warranty. Then, if you opt for painted vinyl, you can obtain a 10-year warranty. Then, we offer our insulated glass a lifetime guarantee against failure. It remains in effect as long as you live and maintains ownership of the property in which the custom vinyl windows were installed. But the warranty can be transferred to the new owner of the house upon inspection. 

custom vinyl windows in palos verdes

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