How Low Emissivity Glass Reduces Solar Heat Gain

How Low Emissivity Glass Reduces Solar Heat Gain

Want to know the secret to slashing your energy costs? Well, besides getting windows with fancy insulated glass (double or triple panes), you should also consider windows that feature panes of low emissivity glass.

Reduce Your Heating and Cooling Costs

That’s because panes with low-E glass keep your home cozy without needing extra fuel. That way, you can stay cool in the summer without worrying about your AC working too hard. You can also reduce the fuel your furnace consumes in the winter months. After all, your home is your castle, so you want to keep it that way. Low-E glass makes this possible.

So, what exactly is the deal with Low-E glass panes? Well, let’s break things down in more understandable terms. The panes are manufactured with a  special coating – a coating that works like magic. It’s super thin and transparent, but it stops the sun’s fiery and penetrating heat from getting through the glass. 

This coating, which usually has some metal in it, reflects the sun’s rays and the heat from inside your home. So, in the summer, it keeps your house cool by blocking out the sun’s rays. And in the winter, it helps keep the warmth inside so you don’t have to crank up the heat. In either case, your whole HVAC system will work more proficiently. 

Specific Ways How Low-E Glass Cuts Energy Costs

So, while you enjoy a more comfortable home life, you’ll also receive the following perks.

  1. Improved Insulation: Low-E glass windows act like an extra layer of insulation because, again, they reflect the heat back into your living space. So, during the winter, you won’t lose as much heat and you’ll spend less on heating. 
  2. Reduced Solar Heat Gain: Low-E glass also keeps the sun’s rays from turning your place into an oven in the summer. It reflects the light away, so you won’t need to blast the AC or use your ceiling fans as much either. That means lower energy consumption and a reduced carbon footprint on the environment.

An Additional Fun Fact that Keeps Energy Costs Low

Here’s a fun fact about the solar heat gain coefficient or SHGC – The SHGC measures how much of the sun’s radiation absorbs through the glass. The lower the SHGC, the better the pane is at blocking the sun’s heat. When choosing a window replacement then, consider your home’s climate orientation and how much shade is surrounding your home.

Does your home have a northern or southern exposure? What rooms will benefit the most from panes with low-E glass?

  1. Increased Efficiency Anytime of the Year: Since Low-E glass helps maintain a consistent temperature inside, your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system won’t have to strain to keep your warmer or cooler. That means less wear and tear on your equipment and, as noted, less energy used. The windows will help deter any ensuing costs that might crop up for replacing a portion or all of your HVAC.
  2. Potential Tax Incentives: Some places offer tax credits or incentives for installing energy-efficient stuff like Low-E glass. So, not only will you save on your energy bills, but you might get some money back. 

Sure, the upfront cost of Low-E glass might be higher than regular glass, but the long-term benefits are totally worth every dollar and penny you spend. You’ll save money, be more comfortable, and help the environment, so it’s really a win-win activity for everyone involved!

How Low Emissivity Glass Reduces Solar Heat Gain

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