How New Windows Can Save You Money?

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A custom window company will tell you a lot of great things about replacing your old windows. And one of the pieces of information it will push is its ability to help you save money. How? 

How Can a Custom Window Company Help You Save Money? 

The company, per se, can’t directly help you save money. It is the new window that will offer savings. The savings will double if you switch to double-paned windows from single panes. Thus, if your monthly energy bill is through the roof, you might want to know more about how having new windows can dramatically help you save on your monthly payments. 

Replace Windows to Avoid Losing Money

Most home windows are sadly inefficient. You don’t want to know that but it is the case with most windows in new homes. Home builders keep their costs low while increasing their profits. And the easiest place to help them save money is to install cheap windows. Unfortunately, inefficient windows account for 25% of yearly heating and cooling costs. To know whether or not your windows are causing your energy bills to go up every month, you should ask yourself if they get hot in the summer or cold in the winter. If your windows are drafty, then it is a sure sign that your window is inefficient. 

Saving Money by Replacing Your Old Windows 

How much money you can make by replacing your old windows will depend on a lot of things. But a custom window company can’t make specific claims about the exact amount its clients will get by replacing their windows. However, just switching from single-pane windows to double-pane windows can make a difference to your energy bill. Most replacement windows are treated with Low-E coating. They are also filled with either argon or krypton. Both the coating and the gas can reduce UV rays. 

What is the Most Energy-Efficient Material to Use? 

Vinyl is the best material for new windows if you want your home to be more energy-efficient. You may want aluminum but it conducts heat. It is also prone to rotting. Wood is also not an attractive option because it is extremely high maintenance. Vinyl, on the other hand, does not suffer from rotting. It is also not prone to mildew, swelling, bugs, and other issues inherent to aluminum or wood. 

How Can CD Windows Help You Save Even More? 

Our windows feature a technology that can block most of the harmful UV light. Thus, it keeps the heat outside during summer and inside in the winter. Furthermore, our replacement windows are welded and fully insulated. The insulation won’t absorb water so it will not rot or mold. We also use solid UPVC vinyl extrusions to ensure exceptional workmanship.

Custom Window Company 

Does CD Windows Offer a Warranty? 

Yes. The extrusions are covered by a full lifetime warranty while the pane and laminate are covered for 10 years. To know more about how our custom window company helps you in saving money, please contact us here for an in-home free consultation: (866) 460-5444.

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