Is It Time to Replace Your Windows and Doors?

Custom Windows and Doors in Chatsworth

Knowing when to replace your windows and doors is not as easy as it may seem. If your house is older than 15 years, though, it may be a good time to call California Deluxe windows and inquire about custom windows and doors in Chatsworth. Our technicians can check whether or not they are still operating properly.

Signs You Need to Replace Them with Custom Windows and Doors in Chatsworth

There are various signs that you need to heed to know if it’s time to invest in new, custom windows:

  • Old, single-pane glass
  • Air leaks
  • Cracks in sills
  • Excessive noise from outside
  • Windows/doors not opening or closing easily
  • Windows/doors painted shut

These are just some of the reasons you need to replace your existing windows. You should talk to our technicians to help you decide whether or not to take on a replacement project.

Custom Windows and Doors in Chatsworth

When is the Best Time to Replace Your Windows?

There’s no best time to replace your windows. If you have the budget for this project now, then do it now. But first, you need to hire a reputable custom windows company to make and install them for you. Opt for a free estimate first to know how much money you need to invest in this project.

Can You Replace Windows in the Winter?

Many homeowners think that windows replacement must only be done in warm weather. But we always say here at California Deluxe Windows that the best time to replace them is when you’re ready. However, there are benefits of replacing windows in the winter. Yes, winter means colder months. But this is also a slow season for us. It means that you can choose your preferred time for installation. Regarding promos and discounts, we always provide them all year round. And we offer special pricing for our loyal customers.

Winter is also an ideal time to replace your windows because you can easily identify which ones need to be replaced. Drafty windows are easy to identify when there’s cold air. But you may wonder if the installation will expose you to cold air. Our experienced technicians can minimize the disruption to your daily life. The can prevent cold air from disturbing your day.

Replacing Them One at a Time

Our experienced installers will replace your windows one at a time. This will help minimize outdoor air from going inside your house. However, the installation won’t go slow, i.e. if you hire our experts. Our experienced installers know how to replace several windows in one day.

Do You Have Damaged Windows?

If you do have damaged windows now, it’s best to have them replaced ASAP. Call our installers of custom windows and doors in Chatsworth to find out more about window replacement. Don’t put off replacing your windows and doors. If you do, you’re going to spend more on your heating and cooling. Call us to know more about our services or receive a free in-house estimate (800) 639-9463.

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