Reasons Why French Door Handles Are Great Accessories

French door handles

French door handles are an ideal way to add sophistication and elegance to your home’s interior decor. Whether you wish to revitalize your living space or are making a major renovation, the choice of a door handle makes a difference. Let’s take a look at these door handles and see how they can elevate your home’s interior.

Types of Doors that Use French Door Handles in Their Designs

French door handles naturally are designed to match the design of a  door. However, they are also great accessories to add on other types of doors. Below are some of the doors that can use this type of accessory when you’re completing the trim work for an upgrade or renovation.

1. French Doors

The French door handles naturally support the French door design. French doors, which feature several glass panels and as duo doors, offer a timeless and traditional appearance. The addition of French door handles enhances the overall design and functionality of the doors. Because the doors come with a secure and multi-point locking mechanism, they also increase safety and security.

2. Interior Double Doors

Interior double doors, which create a grand entrance between rooms in a home or office, make it easier to control foot traffic in a home. By adding French  handles to these types of doors, you’ll enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal and improve the efficiency and use of your doors.

3. Sliding Barn Doors

You might be scratching your head about the idea of adding French door handles to a rustic sliding barn door. However, the addition of the handles creates a one-of-a-kind striking design. This combination of styles enables you to achieve a contemporary yet traditional look – one that will certainly make a statement in any living space. Because the door slides, the handles make it easier to smoothly operate the door.

4. Pocket Doors

If your home has a limited amount of space, you’ll love this type of door design. Rather than swinging open, a pocket door slides into the wall instead. By adding the French handles, you’ll create a look of sophistication. Not only will you save space, you’ll also give your decor a  more refined touch.

5. Panelled Doors

Paneled doors are made with recessed or raised panels – offering texture and depth. With this installation, you can use the French  handles to accentuate the elements of the door’s design.

6. Glass and Semi-Glass Doors

Glass and semi-glass doors give a contemporary accent to an interior and make a smaller room appear larger. They also allow more natural light to pass through a living space. Paring the doors with French door handles mixes a feel of timeless elegance with modern appeal.

Material for French Door Handles

You can buy French door handles in various finishes and colors. Most of the handles come in solid brass trim kits and feature 90-degree locking mechanisms and a self-centering spindle. 

The high-quality erosion-resistant doors  include a stainless steel screw-on level to keep the spindle secure and intact. You can buy the handles for 1 3/4 inch and 2 1/4 inch-thick doors. The handles can be customized to use manual locking systems or keyless entry.

Material Looks and Choices

You can choose from a variety of attractive colors and looks, including:

  • Satin chrome or polished chrome
  • Polished brass or antique brass
  • Satin nickel
  • Oil rubbed or dark bronze
  • Pewter

Are you thinking of buying a new door? Have you thought about the handle? If so, a French door handle is a great way to accentuate the looks of various types of doors. 

Benefits of French Door Handles

You don’t have to confine French door handles to French door designs. They look impressive on a variety of entry doors. While they may not be the first accessories you might consider when you’re reviewing home security options, they are designed to keep you safe. High-quality handles come with enhanced locking systems, secured in multiple points, along the door’s edge. 

Moreover the craftsmanship of the handles resists forced entry attempts such as bending or prying. Their tight fit fills in the gaps that criminals like to exploit. In addition, the handle’s aesthetic appearance lends a cohesive look that beautifies the look of any decor.

French door handles

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