Save All Year Long With Energy Efficient Windows

According to ABC news, it’s hot enough to cook that egg on the sidewalk. Record breaking heat over the Father’s Day weekend gave everyone in the southwest a taste of things to come with temperatures creeping past 110 and 120 in some areas. Thinking about how to stay cool is all about making some big changes, and not just in your air conditioning units. Energy.gov notes that upgrading your windows can save you average big $$$ every year on your heating and cooling expenses, and that doesn’t count rebates, refunds, and tax breaks. Replacing windows can be affordable with Program like Pace willing to help you out.

Window Options

You have loads of options on window frames, depending on what you need and how much you want to spend.

    • Wood frames: These are the most expensive and need the most maintenance. Often the choice architects who can achieve amazing forms with the material, but it’s not as high in R value, needs annual maintenance, and can be subject to rot, termites, and warping. That’s why we developed Wood Look the gold standard for a quality wood look without all of the maintenance


    • Vinyl frames: UPVC treated with ultraviolet blocking additives so that they’re very stable. Vinyl windows need no maintenance, making them superior to wood. Impervious to termites and warping, they need no sanding or painting and we offer unique features like the availability of different shapes.


    • Metal Frames: Metal can conduct heat and cold and are not generally recommended but some HOA’s require the color they come in. We have solved this problem for customers with an almost unlimited choice in exterior colors.


  • Fiberglass and Wood Composite: These are newer types of frames. Fiberglass is stable and not subject to warping, expanding or contracting. Wood composite is made from pressed wood products like fiberboard, particleboard, or chipboard. These products are fastened together though and don’t typically offer lifetime warranties. With the technologies we have developed you can get a lifetime warranty and enjoy many similar advantages such as curved or bend windows, exterior and interior color choices, Interior and exterior grids. In fact there is not many features these windows offer that we were not able to improve on.

Frame Up Job

There are a lot of different options when choosing windows. You might also want to enhance your window’s efficiency by using window treatments. Energy.gov recommends using awnings or shutters outside, curtains and blinds inside to provide even more insulation, security, and efficiency. Pick the best value based not only on price, but on the amount of time you will need to spend on maintenance, and how soon you will need to replace them. If you want to save on heating and cooling, your windows are a great place to start. Contact California Deluxe Windows at 800-639-9463 for more details.

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