Should the Replacement Windows Match?

Replacement Windows

Are you considering a replacement windows project? If you are, then there are a lot of things you need to consider. One of them is how they match the interior trim of your house. Should they match?

Update the Look for Your House with Replacement Windows

One way to update the overall appearance of your home’s interior is to replace the old windows. If budget is a huge issue, you can choose to replace a few windows. However, if this is the case, you need the new windows to match the existing interior window style. In most cases, it is easy to do.

Matching Any Style or Decor

When you choose the CD Windows team to make your new windows, you are guaranteed to find an array of window trim options that can surely match the overall style of your house. CD Windows has a team of designers that can help you match the new windows to your interior trim to ensure you get a look that you will love.

Do Windows Have to Be the Same?

Your home’s facade must indeed be pleasing to the eye. It must also adhere to a certain style that the homeowner’s association has mandated. But it doesn’t mean that the windows on the front of your house must be the same on all the other sides. You can choose different window styles that can meet your needs.

  • Sliding windows. They don’t need further effort to open and close them. That’s why they are a great option if you want a safer home.
  • Awning windows. They can be installed in your bathroom to ventilate the space. These windows can also eliminate the humidity that can cause moisture issues.
  • Double-hung windows. They offer enough ventilation and sufficient natural light for the kitchen and other high-utility areas of the home.

Design of the Windows

Indeed, matching all your windows is not pertinent. However, you can still take the design into account. Keep this in mind when you consider a window installation project.

  • Trim color and style. For consistency, the trim color and style must be the same on one side of the house. In that way, you won’t compromise the integrity of the overall home design.
  • Avoid mixing windows that are too different. You can mix different types of windows. But avoid installing windows that are too distinguishable from one another. The result can be an eyesore. When you get a glance, you will instantly see the inconsistency. In that case, you must use the same window style on one side.

Making the Most of the Project

You want this project to be successful. That’s why you should only choose a contractor that can make solid, difficult-to-break windows. At CD Windows, you can choose windows constructed with solid vinyl extrusions. You get the best window to make your home the most attractive in your neighborhood.

Replacement Windows

High-Quality Replacement Windows

If you want the best quality replacement windows for your home, make sure to hire only the best in the industry. Call our experts today and schedule a free in-home consultation: (866) 460-5444.

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