Start Your Home Renovations with New Windows

New Windows


Summer is a popular time of year to start home renovation projects. But you can choose to carry out any home renovation at any time of the year. Regardless of when you will renovate your house, make sure that the list includes replacing your old windows with new windows

What are the Hottest New Windows Designs? 

Various designs can help you maximize the sunshine, improve airflow and add a focal point to your home. Let’s start with floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Floor-to-Ceiling Windows 

If you wish to change your old windows now, then make sure that floor-to-ceiling is on top of your list. This type of window can welcome natural light into your home. It can refresh your home while you reconnect with the outside world. Most of all, it can let lots of fresh air and light in.

New Windows

The Versatility of this Window 

One of the things that people like about it is that this type of window is versatile enough it can be combined with awning windows below. In this way, you can let seasonal ventilation. This type of window can be used as single-hung or double-hung windows. In that case, you can open the main window area. 

Energy-Efficient Windows

Invest in energy-efficient windows to keep your house cool while you save money. Many types of windows can help you do your part for the environment. For instance, you may choose to use high-quality materials, such as vinyl, fiberglass, and multiple panes of glass. 

Is Vinyl an Efficient Option?

Yes, it is. But that’s not all. It’s also one of the most affordable options available. Apart from helping you save on energy bills over the years, energy-efficient windows can add thousands of dollars to the selling price of your house. That is if you are planning to sell it. 

Bow Windows

They are a type of window that can boost curb appeal. Bow windows are ideal if you wish to maximize the extra summertime dateline. They can add practical value to your home, too. These windows feature more than three windows in a curved arc. They can give a sense of extra square footage as they extend beyond the wall. 

Adding Value to Your Homes 

Bow windows are perfect for adding summer style to your home. For instance, you can add sun-love houseplant, like aloe vera. After the summer fades and the season turns into fall, bow windows can still add lots of value to your home by improving ventilation and enhancing your house’s curb appeal. Plus, it allows more natural light to come in. 

Impact Windows

They are highly recommended if you live in an area where coastal storms or inland tornadoes are frequent. These windows are great to protect UV rays while they are typically built to last. These windows are laminated to filter 99% of UV rays. 

If you are keen to replace your old-fashioned windows and change them to new windows that offer better energy efficiency, then make sure to call us here: 1 (800) 639-9463.

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