Top Signs That Your House Door Needs To Be Replaced

Keeping your home in tip top shape is very important. Everything from the foundation to the roof and everything in-between needs to be maintained and replaced as needed. This is especially true for your front door, since it is something in your home that is used every day and often times several times a day. To help you know whether it is time to call in a professional company for door installation, you will want to check out the following signs of trouble.

You Can Feel a Draft

Wait for a nice windy day outside and then, with your door shut, take your hand and lightly go around the edges of your door. Do you feel any drafts coming through? Even if it is the slightest amount of wind, you need to look into repairing or replacing your door. The smallest amount of space will allow cold weather to come in and your warm heated interior air to escape during the winter. This can make it rather uncomfortable in your home and increase the cost to heat your home.

You Have To Lift It to Close It

If you have to pull up on your door in order to get it to latch into the frame properly, then it might be time for a new residential door. There are a few things that could have caused this issue. Your house could have settled over the years. The door could have warped from excessively strong weather or water damage. Then again, it could simply be that your original front door was a lower quality one and it has taken a little too much abuse over the years from children, pets, and random people slamming the door shut.

It Is Rubbing Against the Floor

Have you found that it can be rather difficult to open and close the door as easy as you used to be able to? There are a few reasons why this can be happening but regardless the reason, you want to make sure that you are having the problem solved as quickly as possible. A door that is rubbing against the floor can eventually get stuck, which can make quickly exiting the home a problem. This is a danger to everyone in the house. Also, the rubbing door can damage tile, hardwood floors, and carpeting.

With those signs in mind, you should have no trouble determining whether or not you are in need of a new front door for your home. Contact California Deluxe Windows at 800-639-9463 for more information.

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