What Are Liquid Wood Windows?

Liquid Wood Window

With the push for sustainable materials – materials that are both eco-friendly and innovative, the liquid wood window is now a trending and popular upgrade among homeowners.

If you’re in the market for new windows then, liquid wood windows are well worth considering. The information below will give you a first-hand view of how liquid wood is made and why it’s a great choice for a window upgrade.

How Liquid Wood Windows Are Made

Instead of wood windows, which rot after time, liquid wood is made of a thermoplastic that contains lignin, which is a paper byproduct. This material is then mixed with wax and wax. While the product replicates the looks and property of natural wood, it is not as involved to make and causes less waste.

During the liquid wood production process, workers mold the material into a specific shape and then allow it to cure. Once the material sets, it is  painted, stained, or sanded like actual wood. The windows provide superior thermal installation, durability against extreme weather conditions, and will not attract termites like real wood.

While the liquid wood has the appearance of wood, it is better in terms of quality and sustainability.

Liquid Wood Window Styles

When you make the upgrade to liquid wood, you’ll find several attractive liquid wood window styles featured online. Therefore, you can find just the right design for your property. Below are some of the trending liquid wood window designs.

1. Casement Windows

A casement window is made so it features on one side. It swings outward with the help of a crank type handle. Considered timeless and traditional, this window allows for optimal ventilation and unobstructed viewing. 

The window has a large area of glass. Yet, this window is also energy-efficient. So, you can enjoy the view and not worry about any draughts seeping through the liquid wood frame.

2. Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows display two sliding vertical sashes that move separately from each other. If you want to increase your airflow in a kitchen or a bathroom, this is the window to choose. By using a liquid wood frame, a double-hung window provides a sustainable window choice without sacrificing the window’s overall visual appeal and charm.

3. Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt & turn windows are made turn inward at the top of the frame or swing in like a door. As a result, you’ll find the window easy to clean. That’s what makes the windows popular options for second floors. You don’t have to climb a window to clean the outer part of the window.

The design also allows for better ventilation, not to mention increased security. By adding the liquid wood, the design is both trendy and eco-friendly.

4. Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows are made with several glass panels that project from a house’s outside wall. These stunning window designs permit plenty of natural light to come into a living space while also providing a focal point, architecturally, to the room. 

When liquid wood is used for the frame’s construction, the windows are both lovely and sustainable. 

In Summary –

Any liquid wood window design makes a window upgrade an exciting prospect for anyone who wants to save on utilities and upkeep. Not only are liquid wood windows eye-catching, they also offer benefits over traditional wood. 

The windows add distinction to your house’s architectural style while proving resistant to termites and other wood-burrowing insects. Why choose wood when you can choose a visually appealing substitute? Liquid wood, simply put, adds an extra layer of protection to your property.

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When liquid wood is made, it creates a reduced carbon footprint because its materials are bio-based rather than traditional, such as aluminum or wood. If you want to enhance the aesthetics of your home with a wood look without the worries of wood, liquid wood is a choice material. Contact California Deluxe Windows for more details and schedule an appointment today.

Liquid Wood Window

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