What are the Best French Locks for French Doors to Stay Safe and Secure?

French Locks

French doors are ideal for your house if you want to create an illusion of more space. It’s the reason they are ideal for a smaller home. But bigger houses can also use them. However, no matter how appealing they are, if you don’t keep them safe and secure with the best French locks, intruders can easily enter your house. 

Shopping for French Locks 

It’s difficult to find French locks that can ensure safety and security in your house. But if you’re shopping for one, make sure that you contact California Deluxe Windows to help you choose the right lock for your French doors.

What Features to Consider? 

When it’s time for you to find a lock for French doors, consider the following things:

French Locks


French doors are secure enough. But you need locks to increase the level of the door’s security. You can choose a lock that can prevent lock snapping. Or you may opt for a lock with an anti-lift feature. When you choose to have your French door manufactured by California Deluxe Windows, you are assured we’ll include the best locks for this type of door. Our designers will install a lock that prevents burglaries. 


There are many materials used in French locks. Some are made of stainless steel while others are from extruded aluminum. You may choose a lock that’s made of plastic. But it’s only ideal for the interior. If your French door is installed on your patio, then make sure that it is made of durable material. 


Another thing to consider when choosing the right lock is to opt for a color that aligns with the interior or exterior of your house. There are various colors available, from brown to black to white. It depends on your preference. You may also choose a sophisticated but low-profile look. Opt for a lock that blends with the French door. When we make your custom French door, you can choose what color of lock to install. Our designers will guarantee that you will love what you get when you choose our team to design and manufacture your French door with locks. 

Are French Doors and Locks Easy to Break Into? 

Just like any door and lock, French doors and their locks can be easy to break into. But it all depends on how they are manufactured. When you choose our team to make your French doors, we can guarantee the glass panels are unbreakable. There are also other ways to secure them. For instance, deadbolt locks can be installed. Or flush bolts can be ideal. These locks are not easy to break. That’s why they can prevent anyone from illegally entering your house.

Since how the French doors are manufactured can determine how safe they are, then make sure that you choose the right company to make them for you. California Deluxe Windows can make and manufacture French doors and French locks with the best materials. Call us here for more information: 1 (800) 639-9463.

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