What French Door Handles to Use?

French Door Handles

French doors are stylish and elegant. They have highly appreciated doors because they can bring beauty to homes, no matter what the overall style is. When choosing to install French doors in your house, there’s one important element you need to consider — a set of French door handles. Unfortunately, it’s tricky to choose the right handles for these doors.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Right Set of French Door Handles 

When choosing the right door handles, there are things you need to consider. For instance, if the doors are installed in two sitting areas, a set of decorative handles can do the trick. However, if the doors are installed in a bedroom, you need handles that let you lock them when you’re inside the room. If these doors are in an office, you might want a set of handles that let you lock the doors with a key to maintain privacy. And if they are installed in the exterior part of the house, you would want the handle set to be as sturdy as possible. This will ensure that your house is protected from intruders.

Does French Door Handle Need to Be Installed on Both Sides?

It depends. There are French door handles that don’t move on one side. This type of handle is purely decorative. The reason for this is that handles don’t need to be installed on both sides.

French Door Handles

Why Do Homeowners Choose French Doors?

Many homeowners don’t mind what door handles are attached to the doors. For them, the most important thing is how the doors are made. French doors are common in California because of how they add beauty to the entire home. They can function as doors and windows. Because they are highly versatile, they can be integrated into interior and exterior spaces.

Beautiful Transitions

Many things can transform an interior space into the outdoors. Having French doors can make an excellent transition. The doors can extend the space in a room. If the weather is warm, the doors can blend temperatures between exterior and interior spaces.

Having a Door and a Window

As mentioned, this type of door can perform as a door and a window. A set of French doors can maximize the use of lighting in your home’s interior space. It also offers the visual functionality of windows. It enables a vista into your landscape. These doors can also serve as an entry point for you or your guests if you’re looking for a way to bring light into a living space.

Lowering Energy Costs

This is one of the most popular reasons why homeowners would opt for French doors. Having high-performance French doors can mean a huge difference in higher comfort levels throughout the year. It can keep the energy bill down and reduce the effect on your HVAC system.

Less Maintenance

Another reason French doors are popular is that they need less maintenance. They don’t have to be painted or cleaned. Plus, they are quick to install.

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