What is a Soundproof Window and How It Works?

Soundproof Window

If you wish to reduce the noise in your home or home office, you need to consider having a soundproof window. You may choose storm windows because they can reduce the impact of heavy rains or high winds. Unfortunately, though, they can stop sounds from entering your house. 

Does Soundproof Window Use Laminated Glass? 

There are many ways to soundproof your windows. One way to do it is to use laminated glass. It’s a windshield glass that comes with two glass panels. The thick glass increases the window’s ability to block sounds from outdoors. The layer between the glasses can minimize the vibrations from the sound. It works like putting a finger on a bell just to stop it from vibrating. 

Does It Work? 

Yes, it does. However, it can’t block outside noise completely. It can, however, effectively reduce sound to 85%. It can block low-pitched noise by up to 75%. High pitched noise can be blocked up to 95%.

Soundproof Window

Why Do You Need to Soundproof Your Windows? 

Noise pollution can affect your life. It’s especially true if your office is in your house. Thankfully, soundproofing your windows is possible. As mentioned, you can’t completely soundproof your window, but there are methods to ensure that your house is sound resistant. 

Noise-reducing windows can slowly transfer the sound waves. They make the waves quieter. As they travel through the window materials, they are absorbed and minimized. The selection of material is vital to reduce the sound effectively. The use of weatherstripping and other high-quality materials has been proven to provide proper performance. 

Installation Matters

Then again, no matter what materials to use, if they are not properly installed in your window, then they won’t work as designed. Proper installation can ensure airtight seals to your windows to keep the noise out. If you are planning to soundproof your windows, make sure to work with California Deluxe Windows experts. They can make the process a lot simpler. 

Mixing Glass Design

Various glass options can help in reducing the noise getting inside your home. One of them is to upgrade a single-pane design to a triple-pane design. Or you may also choose a mixed millimeter glass design. It can dampen various sounds at different frequencies. California Deluxe Windows offers a soundproof package to reduce sounds effectively. 

Adding panes of glass to your windows can reduce the amount of noise traveling through the windows. The triple-pane windows with an optional sound control package can further reduce noise. Furthermore, they are also energy-efficient. 

If you are not sure what materials to use to soundproof your house, make sure that you talk to our experts. It can be that your windows only need double-pane glass. Or if you want a quieter bedroom, a triple-pane window might be the best option as it can effectively create a barrier. Talk to us here so we can help you choose the right soundproof window for your house: 1 (800) 639-9463.

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