What is the Warranty When You Choose to Replace Your Windows in LA?

Replacement Windows Los Angeles

The warranty for replacement windows in Los Angeles can be simple or comprehensive. It depends on where you purchase them. That’s why it is highly recommended to choose a seller or a manufacturer that offers worry-free protection. 

The Quality of Replacement Windows in Los Angeles 

At CD Windows, we stand behind our work and product. The warranty that we offer covers everything that is part of the process. We don’t just sell windows. Rather, we manufacture them. Hence, you can be sure that the windows installed in your house, old or new, are covered with a comprehensive warranty. We also stand behind our installation. We believe that a poorly installed window will not work properly, no matter how high-tech the windows are. 

Full Lifetime Warranty 

Our residential replacement windows are covered by the best warranty in the window industry. All vinyl extrusions are included in our full lifetime non-prorated warranty. For color, painted vinyl extrusions and parts, and labor, they are covered for a decade. Now, why do we say we have the best warranty? We’re the only few companies that offer a lifetime guarantee against seal failure. This warranty is transferable to the new homeowner. 

How to Maintain the Windows? 

If you obtain your replacement windows from California Deluxe Windows, you can free yourself from maintaining the windows. The reason for this is that vinyl windows do not require painting. They also don’t need to replace the putty. Because they are resistant to moisture, they don’t swell if you expose them to moisture. They are not made of metals so they don’t rust, corrode, or flake. 

Security of the Windows 

All replacement windows made by CD Windows have locking systems that have been engineered and tested to pass the requirements of the American Society for Testing. This is a guarantee that we are giving you the best windows in Los Angeles possible. Furthermore, the windows we provide feature a positive cam locking mechanism. Plus, they include additional security and ventilation catch. 

Reduce Noise 

Not all windows can trap outside noise. But our vinyl windows can. They are made to reduce outside noise. Thus, if you live in a busy neighborhood, you don’t have to deal with it anymore. You can focus on your family while watching Netflix. And if you are working from home, you will no longer be bothered by the ambient noise brought by cars and traffic jams. 

Replacement Windows Los Angeles

What Other Benefits of Replacing Your Windows? 

Energy efficiency is another benefit. It reduces draft. Thus, during winter, you won’t have to use your heating system anymore. The windows will stop the warm air from escaping. 

These are just some of the benefits of having new windows in your LA house. To know more about the other advantages of replacement windows in Los Angeles, please contact us here: (866) 460-5444. 

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