Why Are Liquid Wood Doors and Windows So Popular?

Why Are Liquid Wood Doors and Windows So Popular?

It’s true, liquid wood doors and windows are super popular. These eco-friendly products not only harness energy by innovation, they also serve homeowners who need replacement windows or doors.

The windows present the ideal balance between sustainability and design. Their one-of-a-kind green construction leaves a significantly lighter carbon footprint. So you can save the planet and save on your utilities at the same time.

Both stunning and strong, these solid windows and doors do not invite termites and never lose their grace when it comes to style, durability, and maintenance. 

Introducing Liquid Wood Doors and Windows

So, are you tired of wooden doors and windows that rot and cause endless headaches? 

If so, say hello to liquid wood! It’s like wood, but without all the hustle. This innovative material is made from a type of thermoplastic mixed with lignin (a paper byproduct), and topped off with an environmentally friendly serving of wax. 

The result? Windows that look and feel like natural wood, but are way easier to make and which generates less waste. Liquid wood is like the superhero version of wood. 

To make doors and windows out of liquid wood, skilled workers mold the material into the perfect shape and let it cure. Once it sets, they give it a makeover with paint, stain, or a good old sanding session. 

Voila! You’ve got yourself some top-notch windows or doors – products that provide superior thermal insulation. Therefore, they withstand extreme weather conditions and won’t attract those pesky and unwelcome termites. Which is definitely an advantage. 

Trendy Liquid Wood Designs 

But that’s not all! Liquid wood offers a wide range of window styles to suit your fancy. Let’s take a peek at some of the trendiest designs:

  1. Casement Windows: This traditional window swings outward with the help of a crank handle, allowing for optimal ventilation and a clear view. Plus, they’re energy-efficient, so no more chilly drafts sneaking in through the window pane.
  2. Double-Hung Windows: Need a breath of fresh air in your kitchen or bathroom? Look no further than double-hung windows. They feature two sliding vertical sashes that move independently, giving you maximum airflow. And with a liquid wood frame, you’ll have both sustainability and style as well as a great design.
  3. Tilt & Turn Windows: Cleaning windows can be a pain, especially if they’re on the second floor. But fear not! Tilt & turn windows to the rescue. They tilt inward from the top or swing open like a door, making cleaning a breeze. Plus, they offer better ventilation and added security. With liquid wood, you’ll have a trendy and eco-friendly window style. 
  4. Bay Window Styles: Want to bring in loads of natural light and make a bold architectural statement? Bay windows are your go-to. These beauties project from your house’s exterior wall and create a focal point in any room. And when they’re made with liquid wood frames, they’re not just stunning, but, as noted, sustainable too. 
  5. French Doors: Traditional and refined, French doors are both durable and elegant. When made of liquid wood, they enhance classic architectural styles and make any room more visibly appealing.Why Are Liquid Wood Doors and Windows So Popular?

Contact a Liquid Wood Door and Window Representative

Whether you wish to buy replacement windows or liquid wood doors, California Deluxe Windows has you covered. Both windows and doors can serve as a safe and sound installation. This type of home improvement not only looks good, it is also affordable. Don’t miss out. Upgrade your home now.

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