Why Vinyl Doors and Windows Improve Security

custom vinyl windows

Why are doors and custom vinyl windows surging in popularity?

Besides energy efficiency, they look good as traditional wood doors and don’t degrade as fast or warp. They look good and homeowners save money on their purchase as well as what they pay in utilities. When you add high-quality vinyl doors to your or choose custom vinyl windows to keep drafts out of your living space, you make it harder for trespassers or burglars to enter. 

Checking Out the Security Features

So, what security features do these products feature and why are they better?

A Light Yet Durable Burglar-Resistant Material

A vinyl door or window is both sturdy and dependable. It withstands inclement and extreme weather conditions and regular daily abuse. High quality doors and custom vinyl windows form a strong impact-resistant shield that makes it more difficult for break-ins to occur. 

When you compare their strength with traditional wood alternatives, they definitely are impressive. This type of impression gives you more peace of mind knowing that your business or home is safe and secure.

Multi-Point Locks 

Installers of vinyl windows and doors add advanced and innovative multi-point locks to enhance the products’ security features. The locks make it more difficult for intruders to get into a home or business because a door, for example, is not locked by one lock or deadbolt. 

Instead, the locks are installed at the top, middle, or bottom of the door. This setup involves more force to access a building. It also allows for the alarm system to quickly kick in and notify the police.

All high-quality windows and doors made of vinyl also are made of reinforced frames. For instance, a reinforced window frame made of vinyl features pieces of metal in the hollow areas of the profiles – added before the window assembly.

Improved Structural Integrity

Because vinyl stands up better than wood or aluminum, you don’t have to worry, to the same degree, about wear-and-tear, or issues like rot, corrosion, or warping. When a door or windows can maintain its structural integrity without as much upkeep, it also improves overall home security. 

A damaged worn-out or damaged door or window, especially if its locking system needs repair, becomes an easy target for a break-in. As vinyl has a long-lasting resilience, a window or door is operable and secure throughout the product’s lifespan.

Customized Security Installations and Upgrades

Because you can customize a vinyl door or window, you can also add a security-enhancing feature. For instance, you might add tempered safety glass to your door. You can also install reinforcement in the form of a security grille or bar.

Deciding on a Secured Vinyl Window or Door: What to Ask

Because vinyl windows and doors come in various options, you might find it a bit intimidating to decide on what you need. To ensure you obtain a high-quality product, it helps to make a decision and answer the questions below.

Why Vinyl?

Vinyl is lightweight and durable, energy efficient, low maintenance, and falls within almost everyone’s budget. Not only is it weather-resistant, it’s considered tough and safe. To make the most of the material, check out the thickness of the door or window frame first.

A multi-chambered frame profile increases rigidity and strength. This type of density makes it harder to kick down a door or pry open a window. As noted, multi-point locking systems increase any window’s or doors security features. Anti-lift devices are also used that keep someone from removing a window from its tracks.

Consider heavy-duty cam locks or double-locking systems as well. These types of accessories are all dependable mechanisms for keeping your house or business safe.

How Impact-Resistant is the Glass?

You can choose glass that is impact-resistant that is tempered or laminated for additional protection. If someone tries to break the glass, it doesn’t shatter as easily as traditional glass. You might also consider adding a privacy film over the glass to limit visibility and increase privacy while allowing the natural light to come into the living or work space.

What Customized Reinforcements are Used?

Customized reinforcements, such as steel plates, can be installed around hinges or locks, thereby making the entry point stronger and more secure. A strike plate may also be added to a door frame, providing additional resistance against a forced type entry.

Is the Manufacturer Trusted in the Industry

The vinyl doors and windows you choose should adhere to manufacturing standards. This means that they should only feature high-grade materials. Check out the warranties as well, as they will ensure you can get your windows or doors repaired, if needed.

Where To Find A Vinyl Door Or Custom Vinyl Windows Now 

Selecting a vinyl door or custom vinyl windows involves inspecting the thickness of the frame, considering the locking mechanisms that are used, and checking out the type of glass and reinforcement options that are used. 

By putting your trust in a reputable dealer and exploring the product’s construction, you can secure your home and save money at the same time. Review your choices today online. Make the switch now.

custom vinyl windows

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