Why Custom Vinyl Windows are Better Than Store Windows?

Custom Vinyl Windows

Most homeowners in California would choose to install store windows if they need to replace their old windows in their homes. What they don’t realize is that they can choose to have custom vinyl windows, instead of the standard ones. Contact California Deluxe Windows

What are Custom Vinyl Windows?

As the term suggests, custom windows are made-to-order. Thus, they perfectly fit in your home’s windows. Standard windows, however, are mass-produced. They are available in various standard sizes. When it comes to benefits, custom residential windows offer more advantages.

Made to Fit

Most homes have standard-sized windows. However, you should understand that manufacturers of windows have their own standard sizes. The sizes have also changed various times over the years as requested by architects and builders. Thus, the chances that your windows are available in a hardware store are slim.

But when you opt for custom windows, you can be sure that they fit in your home’s window openings. It doesn’t matter what window sizes are available. Custom windows will fit. They don’t need alterations to your home’s walls and retrofits. They are manufactured to fit any size opening. They are also easy to install.

Custom Vinyl Windows

Energy Performance

Standard windows have larger gaps. These gaps can be resolved through insulation or a type of filler. However, when it comes to energy performance, they don’t perform well, as you would imagine.

Built for a Particular Purpose

As a result, they are of higher quality. They are not mass-produced, unlike those windows for hardware stores. They are made one at a time so manufacturers have full control over the quality. Furthermore, inspections are more thorough so imperfections can be avoided. Mass-produced windows, on the other hand, have traveled long distances. As a result, some windows have been cracked during shipping.


Custom windows are designed according to the overall home’s aesthetics. Each detail is customized. And it’s one reason custom windows are perfect if you want to have a unique look for your home. When it comes to colors, there are several options to choose from.

Adding Value to Your Home

Custom windows can increase the value of your house. They are long-lasting and more durable than standard windows. Furthermore, they have better warranties. But it all depends on where the custom windows are manufactured. Keep in mind that every company has its own warranty. Some can offer a lifetime warranty while others can provide 1 to 2 years of guarantee.

Noise Reduction

Another reason you should consider custom vinyl windows is that you can choose to reduce the noise of your home. For instance, if you opt for the vinyl windows made by California Deluxe Home, the company can make them in a way that the windows will reduce the noise outside of your home. The windows can cancel out the noise so you can focus on what is happening inside your home. Are you looking for custom vinyl windows in California? California Deluxe Windows provides a range of custom vinyl windows and doors. Please contact us to get a complimentary in-home estimate: (866) 460-5444.

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