Window Maintenance

You will always notice blemishes on your windows because they are transparent, and dirt seems so obvious to the eye. How can you make sure your window maintenance is effective in keeping them clean and looking new? Read below on tips for inside and outside your home.

Inside and Outside First, you will want to arrange the items in your yard so that they aren’t too close to your home windows. Large bushes and trees can leave sap and bird residue on your window exterior, and water from your hose could easily splash your window. With this in mind, give your windows about four feet of room on the outside. Next, you should maintain your windows with care on the interior, too. This may mean arranging furniture in a way that allows you the best access to your window for frequent spray cleaning. Also, you can make sure your family doesn’t eat or drink near the window. Last, try to avoid touching your home windows, as this could leave fingerprints. visit www.cdwindows.com for more information.

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