Windows 101 – How To Prevent Condensation Between Two Panes Of Glass


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Hi, Aaron here, from California Deluxe Windows. I want to share with you some thoughts about how to prevent condensation between two panes of glass. Number 1, if you are looking at any company’s windows and want to purchase them, take a look at the entire warranty and read through all pages no matter how lengthy to make sure that condensation is covered by the warranty.


Because It is more likely that condensation will happen than not, depending on the type of spacer they use between the two panes of glass. Economy windows usually use a metallic bar made of aluminum as the spacer. Adhesive is literally sprayed on both sides of the aluminum spacer for the glass to attach to it. There is nothing wrong with this in theory, it looks good and works well. The problem is with the temperature changes between night time and daytime being almost 30 degrees, the adhesive quickly breaks down due to the expansion and contraction of the aluminum spacer. When the adhesive breaks down, tiny hairline openings develop between the seal and the glass, but that is enough for moisture to enter and leave a big spot of condensation in between the two panes of glass. That’s a real problem because you cannot fix the existing window without replacing the entire IG unit. The costs are major and are a difficult task for the homeowner if not covered by warranty.

At California Deluxe Windows, we don’t have seal failure. What I mean by that is we don’t have windows that use the aluminum spacers which result in seal failure. For the extremely rare occurrence that unforeseen circumstances would even cause seal failure, you are 100% covered by our warranty. It sounds like an exaggeration until you see the honest to God truth in the warranty, where every term and condition is outlined in one paragraph. NO fine print. The seal between two panes of glass is warrantied not only for one lifetime, but if you sell the home or leave it to your children, your warranty would transfer to the new homeowner. I think this is a pretty good testament that our seal does not break.

So look into what spacer is being used between the two panes of glass and whether the potential seal failure will be covered by the warranty of the window company you choose for your home. You may have a lot of questions after learning this information. That is understandable. Call 800-639-9463 and ask for Aaron directly and I will give you as much detailed help as possible or visit https://cdwindows.com/ for more information. You will get very specific information on your project in particular and we will absolutely make it worth your time if you are concerned about making the best possible decision regarding your new home windows.

Thank You, Aaron, RMO of California Deluxe Windows®

Visit https://cdwindows.com or call 800-639-9463 for more information.

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