How to Make Your Window Replacement a Lot Safer?

Windows Replacement in Bay Area

There are many ways to make your home in Bay Area safer. You can install CCTVs to monitor the people going in and out of your house. If there are intruders, you can easily spot them. However, CCTVs are just there to monitor. If there are burglars, they’ll use your windows to break in. CCTV may record it but you can’t stop them from breaking into your house. Thus, if you are planning to install a window replacement in Bay Area, you might wonder what your options are to ensure that you and your family are safe. 

Tempered Windows Replacement in Bay Area 

Tempered glass is a beneficial option as it makes your home safer from burglars. Although thieves can use various entries in your house, like your doors, most of them would choose windows when breaking in. It’s important to note, though, that tempered glass can still be broken. But it breaks differently than annealed glass. In other words, it doesn’t easily break. 

This glass isn’t just for stopping burglars from breaking into your house. Rather, it’s also for the protection of your young kids and seniors living in your house. When the windows break, they don’t break like ordinary windows. That is, they break into smaller gradual pieces. In that case, if there’s an accident in your house that causes the windows to break, your family members won’t face serious injuries when they step on the glass.  

How to Know if Your Windows Have Tempered Glass? 

There are many ways to know it. You can start by finding an etched stamp in one window corner. The label may tell you if it’s tempered or temp. If you don’t see a stamp, you can wait for a sunny day to come. When it happens, wear polarized sunglasses and look out of the window. You’ll see dark, shadowy lines across the glass if it’s tempered. 

Further Security 

When it comes to making your house windows more durable, you can further secure them by opting for solid vinyl windows that have been engineered and tested. This will guarantee you that you are having the best windows in your house. If you choose CD Windows to make your window replacement, you don’t only get triple-pane glass windows but you’re also getting CDW’s locking system that can further protect your entire home. This feature is a cam locking mechanism placed in addition to the security feature. 

Furthermore, our windows can lessen the noise from outside your house. They are ideal if you are living in a noisy street or you have to deal with a noisy neighbor. Vinyl windows will cancel out most of the noise so you’ll have a quiet evening with your family or you can focus on what you’re studying while at home.

Windows Replacement in Bay Area

Lifetime Warranty

Our window replacement in Bay Area includes a lifetime guarantee against any seal failure. For laminated vinyl extrusions, they are covered for 10 years. If you wish to know how we can make your home safer, please get an in-home consultation for free by calling us here: (866) 460-5444

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