Can You Tell if the Window Seal Has Failed?

Vinyl Windows in Woodland Hills

Most homes in Woodland Hills are double-pane. In that case, they have seals. Unfortunately, if your vinyl windows in Woodland Hills were not installed properly, they have the potential to fail. Hence, it’s important to know what the seals are and how to tell if they have failed. Knowing the signs will assist you in catching problems right away. 

What are Window Seals in Vinyl Windows in Woodland Hills

Window seals are made from either two or three glass panes. They are separated by a thermal spacer. The panes are sealed together to prevent air from escaping. In other words, they act as your home insulation. 

What are the Signs to Know If the Seal is Failing? 

There are common signs that you can easily notice if the window seal has failed. Here are some of them. 

Windows Appear Unclean 

You have freshly cleaned them but they still look dirty. If you notice it, then it is a clear sign that the seal is no longer keeping the dust out of the house. On windy days, small particles can be easily trapped in between panes. Bugs can also work their way in if there’s a seal failure. Has it been checked by a professional?

Window Condensation 

The seals create a barrier between the inside and outside of the window. In that way, it lessens heat transfer. However, if the seal fails, the space between the windows will be exposed to temperature fluctuations. It causes moisture to be trapped between the panes and you can see it as condensation. It is prevalent during extreme temperatures. You don’t have to wait for the weather to change to find out if the seal is failing. You can test it by creating an extreme temperature and observing. If water droplets are forming or if there’s frost between the window panes, then it is a clear indication that the seal has failed. 

Window Panes are Distorted 

The seal is constructed in a way that there’s a state of balance with the glass panes. The gas leaks out if the seal fails. It causes structural stability changes in the pane. To find out, you should observe the window from outside. Look at the windows and find some distortions.

Vinyl Windows in Woodland Hills

What to Do When the Seal Fails? 

There are various reasons the window seals failed. It can be the result of defective manufacturing. Seal failure may also be caused by extreme weather conditions. Proper maintenance of the windows may still cause the seal to fail. If you think that the seal has failed, you should call the manufacturer of your windows. 

If your vinyl windows are made by CD Windows, you don’t have to worry about it. We offer a lifetime guarantee against this situation. Hence, if this happens to your California Deluxe vinyl windows in Woodland Hills, just call us up and we’ll be happy to repair or replace them. Call us today to know more about our warranty coverage: (866) 460-5444

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