How Secure are Custom Vinyl Windows in West Hollywood?

custom vinyl windows in west hollywood

Living in West Hollywood can have various benefits. The area is known for its lively nightlife and vibrant arts. If you are living in this area, you enjoy being surrounded by an eclectic mix of bars, shops, and other amenities. Unfortunately, thieves are lurking around the area. They watch houses that they can easily break in. If you wish to make your house more secure, consider replacing them with custom vinyl widows in West Hollywood

How to Make Custom Vinyl Windows in West Hollywood Secure? 

CDW makes custom vinyl windows secure from breaking in. It uses solid vinyl and it has passed the forced resistance test. However, making them safe from burglary requires a multifaceted approach. It means that you should not rely on windows alone, You also need to install physical security measures and safety precautions. 

Reinforce the Frames

To make the window frame stronger, make sure to install reinforcements to make them stronger and more resistant to break-ins. CDW windows have a positive cam locking mechanism to protect you against breaking. 

Install Window Locks

Adding locks to your windows can prevent introducers. Keyed locks or deadbolts are just two of the many options you can use. You may ask CDW experts to know what kind of locking system is suitable for the custom windows you wish them to manufacture and install. 

Security Bars 

West Hollywood is generally safe. However, there are still high-risk areas where crimes are rampant. If you live in one of these areas, you need to consider installing security bars, in addition to a robust locking system. The security bars can further prevent break-ins. 

Trim Trees 

In addition to installing stronger windows, it’s also important to trim the trees near your windows. Keep them trimmed to eliminate hiding places of introducers. They also ensure that the windows are visible from the street. 

Motion-Sensor Lights

This is another way to prevent break-ins. These lights should be installed near your windows and doors to deter intruders. They are known to provide another layer of security. 

Keep your Windows Locked

No matter how strong your windows are, if you don’t lock them, intruders can easily break into your house. When you go to bed at night or leave the house, you must not forget to lock them. 

Window Alarms

You can also integrate alarms into your windows. If triggered, they will sound to warn you of a potential break-in. You may ask about them when you talk to one of our experts at CDW. 

These steps can help you secure your custom vinyl windows. They can also reduce the risk of break-ins. However, it’s important to note that no security measures are foolproof. It is also vital to take other precautions, such as locking doors and securing your valuable items to keep your home safe from break-ins and intruders. 

custom vinyl windows in west hollywood


The security of custom vinyl windows in West Hollywood isn’t the only reason homeowners are choosing them. The window’s energy efficiency is the number reason you must consider having it installed in your WH home. Find out more about its benefits by calling us today.

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