How Secure Are Your Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl Windows

Before you bask in the coziness of your newly sealed and draft-free home, you’ll also want to find out how much-forced entry resistance your new windows possess. If you choose an upgrade from California Deluxe Windows, you can rest assured that the windows can withstand a break-in. The vynil windows have been tested and meet the rigorous standards set for home intrusion.

Vinyl Window Construction and Security

Besides the heat and blustery breezes, you want windows that will keep unwanted visitors out of your home. Vinyl windows can provide security, but it helps to know how the windows are reinforced.

How Vinyl Windows Are Reinforced

Vinyl windows may be reinforced in one of various ways.

  • Double-pane glass with a strong sealant like polyurethane or silicone helps prevent the glass from being shattered. 
  • Laminated glass may also be used – which bonds two panes together with a plastic interlayer to prevent an unwanted break-in.
  • Heavy-duty, tamper-resistant locking mechanisms on the windows and a solid installation in the wall help prevent intruders from prying or lifting the windows open. If you have your windows professionally installed, you’ll increase their security as well.
  • Multi-point locking systems, some with 3 to 5 lock points per window, are also used to keep criminals from invading your home.
  • Ask about how the window’s frame is reinforced, which also increases security.

Of course, no window can keep out a determined intruder – if they have enough time and resources. However, if you choose vinyl replacement windows with the proper vinyl window construction–tempered glass, locks, and reinforcement–you’ll make your home far less appealing for break-ins.

Impact Resistance

To prevent problems with forced access, your windows must stand up well to any blows from a hammer or hard knocks. That’s why you want windows that have passed strict testing measures – measures that gauge a window’s resistance to these kinds of impacts.

Windows in vulnerable areas like the first floor or facing the street may require more impact resistance than a small bathroom window on the second floor.

The solid vinyl windows featured by California Deluxe Windows, have been engineered and tested, meeting the F588-85 test requirements of the American Society for Testing and Materials. This type of test shows that a company is providing you with the ultimate protection possible.

Your window’s impact resistance is highly important, especially in a coastal area like California. You might want to check your locale’s building coals to check on this feature for a new window installation as well. 

Solid vinyl windows that have been tested for forced access act as a deterrent, particularly when you have them professionally measured and installed.

Locking Mechanisms: How Well Do They Keep Intruders Out?

The locking mechanisms on your vinyl replacement windows are one of the main deterrents against an unwanted home break-in. How secure are the locks on your windows? Here are some things to consider:

A Cam Locking Mechanism: A Great Crime Deterrent

The cam locking mechanism is often used for securing a single-hung or double-hung window. Window locks or sash locks are also terms used to indicate the same type of well-secured lock. Most of the locks use a pivot mechanism that allows them to move or swivel beneath a stationary lock mechanism. Security bars offer the same type of protection. 

Casement Windows

Casement windows have hinges on one side that allow the window to swing out like a door. These windows commonly have multi-point locking systems with three or more steel or reinforced locks along the edge of the window that secure it in place. 

For the most robust security, choose casement windows with a minimum of three locks, preferably made of reinforced materials. The multiple locking points make these much harder to pry open.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows have two sashes that slide horizontally to open and close. Unfortunately, the locks on basic sliding windows are often simple latches that can be forced open. 

For better protection, install sliding windows with keyed locks, security bars that drop into place to prevent sliding, or install secondary sliding bolts or pins that can be locked to prevent the window from being opened.

Vinyl Windows

Contact California Deluxe Windows for All the Details

Your vinyl windows construction should include energy-efficient features as well as protection against home intrusion. Learn more about how your new vinyl replacement windows can improve your home’s comfort and security. Contact California Deluxe Windows for all the details today.

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