Is Custom Sized Better Than Standard Sized Window?

California Replacement Windows

There are different styles of California replacement windows. Every type is different and it is priced differently because of the materials and labor involved. Besides style, you will also have to decide whether to opt for a custom-sized or a standard one. Which one is better? Let’s find out here.

Standard vs Custom California Replacement Windows


Replacement windows come in either pre-made standard sizes or custom-made to fit the opening. When you talk of the price, stock-size windows are way cheaper than customized windows. The reason for this is that standard windows are designed for maximum material efficiency.


Many new homes in California are built with standard-sized windows. When homeowners choose stock-size windows, the new windows don’t fit well to the existing opening. The reason for this is that the size of the window is chosen according to the closest size to the opening, resulting in major frame modifications. In that way, the stock windows will fit properly. Custom-sized windows, on the other hand, are built to fit properly to the existing opening.

California Replacement Windows

Money Saved

Stock windows are indeed cheaper than customized ones. However, if you need to pay for frame modifications, you’ll still have to pay more. The extra insulation cost may exceed the money you have saved for choosing stock windows. Between the two, it’s better to just opt for custom windows. They are more practical and will offer a better solution for replacement applications.

How Much Do Replacement Windows Cost?

The average cost of low-end windows can go anywhere from $600 to $900 each. However, they can be poorly crafted. Thus, you need to shop around and find custom window makers that can give you high-quality windows at a more affordable price. Keep in mind that not all windows are the same.

Why Replace Your Windows?

If they look worn, they should be replaced. According to Forbes, “Windows is one of the most prominent features of a home, and if they look worn, your house will too. Look to see whether the color is fading or the window material is warping, or whether old screens or storm windows detract from the curb appeal of your home.”

In addition to their appearance, you also have to consider how energy efficient your current windows are. Keep in mind that drafty windows can skyrocket your energy bills. However, if you choose to replace them with energy-efficient options, then you can significantly reduce your heating and cooling bills. Then, if you’re considering selling your house in a few years, having them replaced can be a huge selling point.

Where to Shop for Custom Replacement Windows?

There are many options for California replacement windows. To help you get started, make sure to obtain an estimate from various companies. Call California Deluxe Windows today to get a free estimate: (800) 639-9463.

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