What are the Benefits of Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are popular for a good reason. They are low-maintenance and more energy-efficient. Furthermore, they don’t require painting, refinishing, or staining. But are they really better than other options? What are the benefits of opting for them?

Benefits of Using Vinyl Windows

Lower Energy Costs

This material is vital in keeping the heat in during the cooler months and out during summer. Because of how it works, it reduces the usage of heating and AC. As a result, you get lower energy bills.

Low Maintenance

You don’t need to repaint, stain or scrape them. They are also easy to clean. Just use soap and water and the windows will look fresh. Unlike other windows, they don’t age fast because they are resistant to the elements.

Cheaper Than Other Materials

Among the many window materials, vinyl is the cheapest. But just because they are cheap they don’t mean they are low quality. Unlike other materials, vinyl is durable. It’s also rust-free. If you choose an energy-star qualified vinyl window, you can apply for a tax credit. It doesn’t only save you money but it also adds value to your home. Thus, this is beneficial if you are planning to sell your house in the coming years.

Variety of Options

When you choose these windows, you can choose from various colors, sizes, and styles. You can even opt to have them customized. Contact California Deluxe Windows today to request a complimentary in-home estimate for your custom windows. They reflect infrared heat away to make your home cooler. Because they are customized at the factory when they are constructed, they are ready to install when they arrive at your house.

Are Cons of Choosing Vinyl Windows?

These windows aren’t perfect. Even though they have plenty of benefits, they come with a few disadvantages. For instance, you can’t paint the interior of the vinyl. In that case, the interior may not match your home interior. That’s why we recommend opting for a neutral color. This will work as it will increase your home value.

When it comes to vinyl windows, there’s no one-size-fits-all. But vinyl windows are overtaking woods. They have become a standard material chosen by many California homeowners because they have the ability to reduce energy bills and they are low in maintenance.

Before many California homeowners avoided vinyl windows because they were regarded as cheaply made. But with new technologies, vinyl has catapulted into the spotlight. Then again, it’s vital that you only work with reputable vinyl window makers, like California Deluxe Windows.

Vinyl Windows

Why Choose CDW?

The vinyl windows that we construct are made of solid UPVC. By hiring our team to manufacture, install and replace your windows and doors, you get high-quality materials. The vinyl windows that we install are also low in maintenance. Plus, you can choose to integrate noise reduction into them.

If you’re ready to replace your current windows with vinyl windows, call us here for a complimentary in-home estimate: (866) 460-5444

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