Why Choose Custom Double Hung Windows?

Custom Windows Near Me

Heat and air conditioning produced in your house can escape through the gaps in the windows. That is if your current windows are energy inefficient. When you replace them with custom windows, you are stopping air leaks, thereby, saving energy and money. If you wish to install double-hung windows in your house, make sure to contact a company that offers custom windows “near me.”

Double Hung Custom Windows “Near Me” — What are the Pros

Double-hung windows are a common type of window. But they are not typically the best type. But before ignoring this option, you might want to know the pros of opting for them.


They are the most popular window style. These windows are available in a range of colors. In that case, you can surely find something that can appeal to your taste. Because they come in the widest colors, you are not limited to white or beige. Furthermore, they come in a variety of materials. But the most common materials being used are wood and vinyl.

Low-Cost Options

Double-hung windows may not be the cheapest option available. According to Modernize, the cost of a standard-sized double-hung window is around $450 to $585 per window. Since you are opting for a customized window, expect the cost to be higher. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t find an economical option. There are low-cost windows available when you talk to CD Windows professionals. We can offer you custom upgrades that can improve your energy efficiency without costing a lot.


Another reason homeowners choose this style is that they can easily slide either the bottom or top panel to allow the air in through the window screen. Because of how it is made, it can accommodate window AC. This is also an ideal choice if you want a window that comes with satisfactory ventilation and it’s easy to open, then it’s definitely an ideal pick.

Hassle-free Maintenance

It’s easy to clean this type of window. New styles of double-hung windows are easy to clean because they can be tilted in. You can clean even the exterior glass without having to step outside your home to clean the glass.

Do They Come with Disadvantages?

Double-hung windows are an ideal option for some homeowners. However, they may not be the best option for you. That’s why you need to talk to our window specialists to find out whether your house can accommodate double-hung windows. You should also remember that with this type of window, air leaks are still possible as the window ages. They are not the most airtight option. But interior weatherstripping can be installed to form a barrier and prevent air leaks.

Custom Windows Near Me

Change Your Outdated Windows to Energy Efficient Options

Are your windows outdated? If you want to boost your home’s value and lower your energy consumption, you might want to take a look at custom windows “near me.” Call our company today to schedule a free in-home consultation: (866) 460-5444.

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